Covid-19 and the Importance of Interiors

During this time, creating spaces within your home that stimulate calmness, creativity, productivity, and positivity is SO IMPORTANT.

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Here are some tips about how to create a sense of calm, even while the world outside feels chaotic.

Create a space for yourself, and each member of your home, where you’re able to escape the noise and chaos. 

Create a communal space, where technology is limited and board games and books are encouraged.

Creating zones in your home for all the people who live there will help everyone feel a part of a bigger tribe.

Embrace your outdoor living spaces for a breath of fresh air and a change in scenery.

Bring the outside in with fresh flowers, herbs, and whimsical fabrics.

Invest in calming paint colors, materials, and cozy fabrics that are easy to clean.

Find a place either indoors or outdoors to MOVE. This is help you bring your all to your work, family, and personal health and wellness.

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It’s a great time to think about creating harmony in your home – especially before fall and winter hit. A virtual design consultation or a socially-distanced home walkthrough might be the right thing for you.

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