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Home should be a place that nurtures your interests and reflects your personality. Somewhere that brings you comfort and peace and where you are proud to share with friends and family. But what happens when your home starts to feel tired and uninspiring? That is where our clients found themselves and thankfully, they reached out just in time.

Today we’re sharing how we transformed our clients’ dated home into a beautiful, nature-inspired retreat. This is an interior design transformation you will find hard to believe, but before we begin, let’s meet the family behind the home…

Meet Our Fun-Loving Interior Design Clients in Munson

Our active and adventurous clients (let’s call them Dan and Sarah) are the parents of three older children with only one living at home in Munson. The family enjoys spending most of their time outdoors, and once you see the beautiful nature that surrounds them, you’ll understand why. Their favorite activities include boating, skiing, and genuinely enjoying new adventures together.


They built their current Munson home 20 years ago and loved the fact that it’s nestled on a beautiful wooded lot with a serene water view. However, the entire family was ready for a significant interior update to reflect their personal passions and lifestyle. Our primary goal for this home was to fully embrace the surrounding nature and infuse a sense of calm inside the home. 

I took one look at these spaces and saw a world of potential. We were involved in the entire design from start to finish, and this project was particularly interesting as our client’s talented husband was the general contractor. It all worked out beautifully. My role as an interior designer involved:

  • Guiding them through the design process
  • Selecting all materials, fabrics, furnishings, and art
  • Creating a customized lighting plan
  • Final styling and presentation

Come take a look at this beautiful transformation…

Before & After: Peaceful and Welcoming Entryway

To brighten up the entryway and make the existing woodwork the main focus, we utilized the magic of fresh paint. By swapping the dated sage for a calming gray and painting all of the existing trim in a clean white, we created a space reminiscent of walking into a charming mountain lodge. First impressions are always important, and this entryway instantly provides that warm and welcoming feeling that Dan and Sarah desired.


Here’s the entryway viewed from the other side. Ahhhh… Imagine walking into this home after an exhausting day at work. As soon as you step through the door, a sense of calm surrounds you, and you immediately feel the stress begin to melt away. (By the way, did you know the design of a home can affect mind and body wellness? It’s true!) 

Nature-Inspired Lounge, Library & Home Office


This flexible space sits right off the entryway and just oozes cozy cabin vibes and days-gone-by. The soothing color palette and organic texture in this room instantly sets the tone for a calming atmosphere. The natural stone of the fireplace combined with textured wallpaper and a faux fur rug work together to effortlessly bring the outdoor elements inside. Last but not least, the stunning mahogany built-ins offer a sophisticated space to display Sarah and Dan’s personal library.


Can you imagine a more perfect place to curl up with a great mystery, steaming mug of coffee (or something stronger) in hand, as the snow silently falls beyond the window in the woods? With abundant natural light and the curved wooden beams above, it may even feel like you’re actually out under the trees. 

A Timeless, Fresh & Sprawling New Kitchen

Timeless Kitchen in Modern Mountain Interior Design in Munson OH by Ingrid Porter Interiors

Welcome to Dan and Sarah’s stunningly beautiful updated kitchen. The design aesthetic is timeless yet modern, with natural elements (like the countertop stone) that infuse the space with the stunning nature that lies right outside the windows. Believe it or not, we created this bright, fresh, and classic kitchen without changing the footprint one bit. Let’s take a look…

The “before” kitchen’s overall layout was functional for the family, but as you can tell, the overall design was dated. After all, the home was built 20 years ago! The combination of the wood cabinets, wall color, trim, and lack of lighting left this kitchen in the dark. 

To brighten up the space, we painted these new, custom cabinets, redesigned the island, replaced the countertops, added a clean, gray subway tile backsplash, and created a custom lighting plan for pendants above the island. Now, stepping into this kitchen is reminiscent of being on an expansive, open mountaintop. It gives an immediate sense of airiness, bringing it to the next level.

This sunny eat-in area directly off the kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy an informal family meal. I can envision Sarah, Dan, and their kids sitting at this table enjoying a delicious brunch and plenty of lively conversation. It’s the perfect way to start a bright weekend on the right foot.

In this space, we removed the vaulted ceiling and added wooden beams full of natural character that ties in with the kitchen and family room. The built-in bench and custom cushion brought another level of comfort while also adding a soft hint of blue, which is found throughout the home. Finally, the simple and rustic design of the light fixture brings a stylish yet functional focal point to this unforgettable space. 

Casual and Comfortable Family Room

Flowing seamlessly from the kitchen is the light, bright, and utterly comfortable family room. By simply changing the paint color alone, we invited the natural light to reflect in this space and create a bright and cheerful room. Spirits immediately feel lifted by this beautiful redesign. 

You’ll also notice that the arched wooden beams are carried throughout the home to provide a cohesive and charming aesthetic. In addition, we selected denim-colored ottomans and dark navy chairs to bring an overall sense of unity and groundedness to this open space. Plus, how cozy does that rug look??

Now, after a fun-filled day of adventuring, it’s easy to settle in and relax in this fresh, new cozy atmosphere. Dan and Sarah also often used this room when they host friends to watch a game, and with a beautiful design and plenty of comfortable seating, they now feel at ease doing so.

Let’s talk about the transformation of this stunning fireplace. The original design felt tired and heavy, with a lot of oak. We knew we could use this canvas to uncover the hidden potential and showcase the family’s unique personality.

First, we refaced the fireplace with a cool textured tile that infuses the room with the perfect amount of warmth. Then, to add an unexpected (but necessary) splash of color, we used the family’s large, vibrant abstract paintings from a recent vacation to accompany the beautiful mantel. Intentionally incorporating personal features into this space offers a unique and genuine experience.

Moody and Elegant Dining Room

Elegant Dining in Modern Mountain Interior Design in Munson OH by Ingrid Porter Interiors

As you can tell, our palette continued into this moody dining room, where we played up color in a big way. The colorful and abstract art conveys the family’s fun personality. The navy walls set the tone for natural elegance while keeping the room comfortable.

In this space, we utilized what Dan and Sarah already had while making it fresh and inspiring to fit with the rest of the home. We refinished the wood trim along the tray ceiling to match the new flooring and kept the original furniture but reupholstered the chairs with a stunning navy and white patterned fabric. In addition, the neutral textured area rug brings a softness to the bold design of this space. 

The Final Word

Making home design decisions can be a challenging undertaking for homeowners. There are thousands of design decisions to make and each is difficult without experience. As an interior designer, it brings me genuine joy to help you through the process, in addition to creating something beautiful. 

Now, Sarah, Dan, and their kids feel that the redesign of their home in Munson reflects their lifestyle and provides what their on-the-go life craved – an easy, comfortable landing place inspired by their love of the outdoors. 

In fact, when I was checking on the home’s progress one afternoon, the couple’s high school-age son stopped me on my way out and said, “Thanks for making our house so beautiful.” (So polite!) On my drive home, I called Sarah to tell her how touched I was by her son’s thoughtful comment, and she said, “He’s right, though. Thank you so much.” This is why I do what I do.

Is your home ready for a refresh? If you’re thinking about the potential an update could make in your own space, please reach out. Together we can discuss your home goals and create a plan for a stunning transformation that showcases your personal passions and effortlessly improves your happiness at home.

Until Next Time,


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I’m Ingrid Porter. As a designer with 30+ years of experience serving Northeastern Ohio, I specialize in personal and detail-driven design for families building or transforming the home of their dreams. If you’re ready to take “home” to the next level, we can’t wait to work with you.

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