Chicago Project Interior Design in Chicago, Il

After the loss of his wife, my client knew he needed to begin again, but where? With three of his adult children living in Chicago, and another child and his own mother close by, the choice seemed clear: it was time to move to the city where he grew up.

So he returned to Chicago, and found a home in the Lake Point Towers, which was close to all the activities he loves to do: explore, run, see his favorite teams play, and of course to spend time with his family.

Now, it is possible to find a space that meets all of your design wants and needs, so in this case, your efforts are going to be in the details and decorations, just like in this interior design project. This design’s driving force revolved around bringing warmth and beauty into the space so the inside would match the gorgeous view outside: the Chicago skyline.

With an interior design client who was willing to trust in the process and have fun with it along the way, these finishing touches may very well be one of my favorite projects for a while.

Starting over can be hard. Have faith in the process and put your trust into the new transition. Allow it to be transformational.