Scout Project Chagrin Falls Interior Design Renovation

What was to be a kitchen remodel became a larger space reconfiguration with the Scout Project. And the idea behind it was to create the ideal space in an effort to enrich the homeowner’s lives. 

The house - built in 1925 - started out as a hunting cabin for the Falsgraf family who lived in Shaker Heights at the time. With this in mind, the homeowners approached the renovation with the idea of updated, but traditional, as it was important to maintain the original structure. Also key to this renovation for the homeowners was to stay local with their architect and contractor partners as they, too, would appreciate the history and maintain the integrity of the home. 

A larger kitchen was wanted for entertaining, so to create that, the front of the house was redesigned and expanded. The materials that were selected were exactly what the homeowners were wanting - traditional with a bold twist - and when the island selection was seen, they flipped with excitement! 

The details within the renovation are a true reflection of the personal desires of the homeowners.

For example, a deep love of Starbucks coffee made for an easy decision to add a coffee bar in the kitchen. And oversized, tucked-away storage nooks for their son’s size 14 shoes and their dog’s leashes and toys were wanted! Found in the mudroom, these nooks along with more storage built-ins allowed for great organization, something that brought great joy to these homeowners.

For ease and overall enjoyment of the newly configured space, the laundry room was moved from the basement to the main floor allowing for the homeowner’s love for organization and efficiency to come to life.  The powder room was renovated to include luxurious design details including a golden door, lacquer finishes on the walls, and a stunning sink. The family room was updated with a smoothed ceiling, new lighting, and a comfortable layout which includes plush seating. It’s the perfect setting to relax and take in the lake views behind the home!