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From inspiration to explanations, this interior design blog will help you better understand different facets of your new build or full-scale renovation project, as well as what it’s like to work with a Northeastern Ohio interior design team.

Cleveland Magazine

“Ingrid Porter has designed plenty of spaces for other people. So when the owner and principal designer of Ingrid Porter Interiors set out to rethink her own living room, it was an opportunity to infuse a lot of her personality into the area.”

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“What is it about a kitchen that says, “C’mon in. Everyone is welcome.” Is it color? Layout? Materials? Fixtures? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. 

In a word: design.”

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Remote Nation

“Ingrid Porter knows good design when she sees it. We asked her about her career evolution, what made her decide to go into the design industry, and what advice she’d share with people considering bringing their business into the remote world. Here’s what she had to say.”

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Properties Magazine

"Swagelok Cleveland embraces sleek, open office environment at new sales and services facility."

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The Productive Designer

“As Entrepreneurs we are typically “high achievers”, some may say “A Types” who are typically not happy with the status quo, we tend to stretch ourselves outside our comfort zone, and that is often when the voice starts to get loud” Here’s how Ingrid banishes imposter syndrome to lead a thriving interior design business.

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