The Teddy Project: Modern Farmhouse & Family-Friendly Design

Some projects we take on are full home designs. Some projects we tackle are simple half baths. And sometimes we step in after a home has been built and partner to style a space with the clients in mind each step of the way.

Homeowners Meg and Ken – a couple moving from Shaker Heights –  needed just that. They had designed and built their dream home – a modern farmhouse – that was a dramatic step away from their prior homes which were 100+ year-old renovations of Georgian and Federal-style architecture. And their prior homes were furnished with those styles in mind while there were just two adults in the space. Two kids later and a new home build completed, they were finally ready to move.

Their new home, nestled in Chagrin Falls, didn’t match their old furnishings, and some of their pieces simply didn’t function well in the space with two very active little boys.

With two full-time jobs, two kids, and no clear path as to where to start, they sought our help. The Teddy Project came to life!

What a delight it was to step into Meg and Ken’s new home! The project had so much potential and after having met our clients to establish what the family needed and wanted from the space, we dug right in.

Here’s what we knew. They loved cool colors like greens and blues. They wanted to add in texture, but weren’t sure how, and wanted their home to feel completed – something they had never really felt in their prior homes. 

Armed with this knowledge, our project path became clear! We needed to focus on interior design details – those specific elements and features that contribute to the overall aesthetics, functionality, and ambiance of a space. Of course, these details can vary depending on the style, purpose, and preferences of the space.  

Our focus throughout was on the following: color scheme, furniture selection, and accessories, and while this list is not in any way exhaustive, it is where our team honed our expertise in on.  

Color Scheme 

As we know, the choice of colors plays a significant role in setting the mood and atmosphere of a room. In an effort to create both a visually pleasing and cohesive space, colors can be used on walls, furniture, fabrics, and accessories. We layered those cooler hues into all selections made – everything from chairs to rugs to throws.  


Choosing the right furniture pieces that are functional and visually appealing for an ever-in-motion family of 4 is crucial! The style, material, and arrangement of furniture contributed to the overall design theme of this open concept first floor. Comfortable couches, versatile seating arrangements, bookcases for storage, and overall style mattered here!

Fun Fact: Our clients get such a kick out of these blue ottomans – their kids move them around all the time to play chess of all things! 


You can’t have a space feel complete without accessories, and we had a lot of space to fill here! Decorative items such as artwork, sculptures, bookends, coffee table decor, lamps, baskets, vases, and decorative pillows were all used to inject personality and style to this space. 

And let’s not forget that accessories are an excellent way to incorporate pops of color and add finishing touches to the overall design, and this comes to life in this home!

If you’re looking for help styling your home or just want a refresh, reach out to us! We’d love to help with your home.

See more of The Teddy Project here.

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I’m Ingrid Porter. As a designer with 30+ years of experience serving Northeastern Ohio, I specialize in personal and detail-driven design for families building or transforming the home of their dreams. If you’re ready to take “home” to the next level, we can’t wait to work with you.

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