The Rosemary Project: A Kitchen Transformation from Small to Mighty

How do you reconstruct the heart of your home when you don’t have much space to work with?  This was the main challenge of The Rosemary Project, in beautiful historic Shaker Heights.  We had a very small kitchen footprint, and needed to maximize space, storage, entertainment, and seating for a young, full time working Client and her sweet pup.

Being completely open to rearranging the footprint and seeing the space in a new light was crucial to the design process.  Planning was extremely detail oriented and not an inch of space was overlooked. 

before and after kitchen design shaker heights oh
before and after kitchen design shaker heights oh

Our Client is an avid cook as well as host to her many friends from happy hours to dinner parties.  On her list was to add a small overhang where a couple of her friends could join her in the kitchen, and maybe even lend a hand!

kitchen design seating shaker heights oh

We were unable to remove a beam in the space because the back end of the kitchen was an added porch at one time.  We rolled up our sleeves and delved into a solution that created a flow of custom cabinetry around the beam, et voila!  In a small space, maximizing storage is paramount in the design, and we were able to use every single inch of the space. 

From a slim pullout spice cabinet, a smaller sized stove to fit the space, cabinetry from floor to ceiling, to open shelving for showcasing cookbooks and add a touch of personal flair.  If we could fit it, we found a way.

custom kitchen design shaker heights oh

Inspiration from the rich and comforting Rosemary green of the cabinetry came from the nature surrounding the home and neighborhood.  We added in complementary accent colors of white, black, and a golden sparkle, and hit the ground running with the design.  The golden hardware was the perfect icing on the cake to warm up and polish the space.

kitchen interior design shaker heights oh

Achieving maximum use out of a minimum amount of space IS doable!  In the end, we wound up with a classic, efficient kitchen with a warm and welcoming feel.

Cheers to many evenings of good food and good friends, at The Rosemary Project!

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