Who Is Involved in a New Home Build?

Remember all those group projects you had to do in school? 

Your group would start off on the right foot and vow to share the workload, but somewhere along the way, things would go south. Communication would break down, deadlines were missed, and ultimately, one person ended up doing the majority of the work. 

Those projects may have been frustrating at the time, but they were a great learning experience. You figured out what needs to happen in a group project in order to be successful. Little did you know, they were actually preparing you for bigger, better things: building your future brand new home.

A new home build is the ultimate grown-up group project. There are four main team members involved and each and every one of them plays an integral part in the success of the build. Every player must pull an equal amount of weight to ensure the project moves along as smoothly as possible.

The 4 Essential Partners in a New Home Build

Teammate #1: The Architect

Your architect is the visionary who dreams up the look and layout of your new house. She will meet with you to learn about your lifestyle, preferences, and what your family needs. The architect will not just be designing a house that looks good, but one that functions and flows in a way that makes sense for your life. That is, after all, one of the best parts about a new home build—total customization. 

Once the architect understands what you want, she is responsible for drawing up the plans. The blueprints and renderings for the build should clearly show the design elements, but also create a home that is safe, structurally-sound, and follows zoning rules. 

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Teammate #2: The Builder

While the architect designs the home, the builder makes those drawings come to life. He either has his own team or a group of trusted subcontractors that he oversees during the construction of your home. The builder helps to choose materials, set a budget, and follow that budget.

The builder is also usually responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and making sure everything in your home—from the roof to the foundation—is up to code before the property goes through an inspection.

Teammate #3: The Interior Designer

Oh, hi! That’s me!

Contrary to popular belief, interior designers don’t simply pick out pretty wall colors and cool furniture (though I am really great at that). The interior designer makes sure that the plans the architect creates work in the way that your family needs them to function. For example, if there are no doors leading to the backyard in a blueprint and I know you’re planning to throw a lot of parties in your new home, I’m going to go to bat for you and ensure the architect works that feature in. I am also a liaison of sorts between you and the builder.

When the builder needs decisions made regarding materials or design, I work with you to come up with a solution that keeps the new home build on schedule (and on budget). And let’s not forget about the “feel” of the home either. Sure, my work with the architect and builder is to help keep you on track and make decisions about function, but when you and I sit down throughout the process, we’ll talk mood and texture, and I’ll make sure your personalities shine through in your design choices, too.

Teammate #4: The Homeowner

You didn’t think you were going to get out of this group project, did you? Building a new home isn’t something you can stand on the sidelines to observe. This is your dream home and while you’ve hired experienced professionals to make it a reality, you also have to take an active role in the process. 

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to make decisions on time. The architect, builder, and interior designer can’t be held to strict deadlines if you aren’t making your deadlines as well. You must also make sure you let your desires known from the get-go so you’re getting everything that you want in this new home build. 

Working Together to Create Your Brand New Home

What each teammate is specifically responsible for will vary depending on the professionals you hire. Some architects like to get involved in the construction process, while some builders enjoy weighing in on design. Great things happen when everyone takes responsibility for their own roles and supports their other teammates throughout the process.

I always tell my clients that the people involved in building a new home are like the legs of a chair. Without a leg—or if one isn’t even with the others—the chair wouldn’t stand up. Everyone works together and utilizes their own strengths to create the perfect home. When a project is “off-balance,” it’s usually because one of the teammates is making decisions for the homeowner because they just want things to get done fast. That’s why it’s so important for each individual partner to have equal responsibility and say in the new home build. 

I understand that a new home build can feel utterly overwhelming. Get started here with a guide I created to help you focus on the decisions you’ll make during the process in advance, allowing you to feel more confident and better prepared for the home build process.

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I’m Ingrid Porter. As a designer with 30+ years of experience serving Northeastern Ohio, I specialize in personal and detail-driven design for families building or transforming the home of their dreams. If you’re ready to take “home” to the next level, we can’t wait to work with you.

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