The Grey Fox Project Interior Design in Chagrin Falls, Oh

You might think a home in a solid gray tone would be characterless, but sometimes the calmest of neutrals acts as the best canvas for showcasing personality and color in a home. 

After moving a few times, this family wanted their Chagrin Falls home to reflect their love of travel and the colors of the world. They started with a nice collection of furnishings, but wanted to find a way to make the space feel cohesive and complete.

To accomplish this, we began by painting the main area in a grey tone and updating the furniture in the family room. Then, we used blue as the one thread to run just slightly through each room, weaving together a color story that says “come in a sit for a while”. Their collection of decorations added the finishing touches to tell the story of their travels and time in different spaces. Tour the family-focused interior design project below.